Family + Support = Not Always There

Now that I've told you the truth about Methotrexate, I think it's clear how clueless everyone is about it. Through no fault of their own, of course. When I first started it again (orally this time) I was in Disney World with my parents and other family members. I had only been taking it two or three weeks before the trip. I didn't realise how sick I would get.

The worse thing was the mood swings. I won't specify but there was a lot of tension that week. My depression and mood swings were not the best thing to mix with stress. I cried a lot. Also, my jaw hurt an awful lot that whole week. I was tired all the time as well, and though we use a wheelchair in there anyway, I was literally stuck in it except for getting on and off rides. AND my mum had made reservations to all my favourite restaurants but I had lost my appetite that week and forced myself just to taste all my Disney favourite foods. I got nauseous too, and thank God I never got sick.

The worse part of this was that my family did not understand. My mum understood and never teased me with all the good food and ended up taking me to do gentle rides and shows when the rest did the extreme rides and went mac. They really just didn't see that I was ill, and I wasn't going to explain to them. We were in Disney. No one cares if you're tired; They just care if Splash Mountain is broken. I did have a nice time though.

Rest assured, this didn't turn me off of my favourite place in the world. I'm going again (Yay!) this summer.

Anyway, this is just a bit of proof that when your sick and it's not visible no one will acknowledge. Even your family. Hopefully in the future people will become more empathetic but all of us with Arthur must be prepared to either explain or ignore. I do a combination of the two.

Keep your chin up kid
-Elizabeth and Arthur


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