Defied Death

I had just watched a video about a boy who 'escaped death three times.' He talked about how every time he was going to die, it was light and peaceful and he couldn't stop smiling. In fact, he wanted to be there and never wanted to leave. No matter what you believe, don't you think that's just one of the best ways to go? Not sad and crying and in pain, but happy, feeling so peaceful.

I had always feared death since my grandmother left us all of a sudden when I was three. I remember being six years old in the car crying because I didn't want to die or I didn't want my mum to die. Let's not go into religon here: I am not judging anyone and I don't want anyone judging me. But, just watching this boy write all about how nice it was just reassured me that in the end, we'll all be okay. Whether it be hallucinations or actually passing onto Heaven (or whatever you may believe).

Rest in Peace Benjamin (1993- Christmas, 2011). I didn't know him, but now I wish I did.


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