Happy Happy Joy Joy... Sore

I'm definatly in a holiday rush. A little stress yes, but that is mostly from school. I'm too busy to be stressed! I'm pumping out paintings for the family like mad, trying to do homework, decorate, keeping human contact, and trying to enjoy myself. Of course, this has brought (as expected) soreness and more fatigue. I'm dropping dead in my bed later at night than I would like because I can't even pull myself off the couch. My rheumatologist put me on a pain reliever everyday but I'm wondering when it will work...

My bestfriend (who lives very far away from me and also has her own Arthur) is dealing with some boyfriend problems and I've been feeling guilty because I can't help her much. :(

Recently too I've learned to stop caring what people think of me. It works well too (so long as you're not having a bad hair day). I move awkwardly because of Arthur and I've come to accept that. I have a hard time making eye contact because I'm very shy and nervous around people (though I'm getting better). I've been learning and working every day to become a better person because everyday I feel guilty that I didn't look someone in the eye or I didn't open up to someone as much as it takes to make a new friend.

I guess that's why they have us in school for so long: It's so we can learn to be better people to one another. Or forced rather because we're stuck together for 8 hours... :)


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