I Don't Want to... I Don't Want to.... I Don't Want to Think About...

I don't want to post anything today.
I don't want to write anything today.
I don't want anyone to see anything I wrote today.
I don't want to do anything today.
So of course I'm writing a post today.
I haven't taken Methotrexate for about three weeks now. I am feeling terrible. Everything hurts. My back. My legs. My feet. My neck. My muscles. My head. My spirit.
I'm going to see Marc soon  and I've been researching new medicines to take instead of Methotrexate. I'll most likely end up on Enbrel or something like that but the night is still young and things do change.
I have exams coming up in school once again.
I don't want to study today.
I don't want to think about studying today.
I don't want be be reminded I need to study today.
So I am going to study... later.


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