My Wonderful Day

People have told me that when I speak of Arthur it is rather depressing. I promise he doesn't mean to be depressing: He's my little Arthur and he can't help making things harder sometimes. So today I shall write of the day I've had in a less depressing way.
Oh, what a wonderful day! Today I had swimming class in school. We get wet in a shower before we go in the water to protect our hair and suits, and the warm water felt wonderful. I'm so glad the teachers took their sweet time in doing roll because the air was so cold: A nice shock to the system. Then when we got in the pool and had to play a game, I pulled my hip muscle: It was such a relief to have pulled it since it hasn't been bothering me and I didn't want to forget I have an achy muscle there.
When school was released, I was so happy to go home even though school had been so much fun! The ride over bumps and sharp turns kept me on the edge of my seat, which is a relief since who really wants to relax on their way home? Once I got into my house, I decided to go on the computer. Arthur really enjoyed playing on the computer so much he didn't want me to get up, so even though I really needed to get some things done. How nice of Arthur to want me to enjoy myself!
Then I had to do homework and I just couldn't wait to get started on! Oh boy, how much I love to study and do drills that are already inplanted in my brain.
And I got to take a lovely hot shower and use plenty of beautiful lotion afterward. I swear, it's so relaxing and really loosens me up after such a wonderful day.


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