The Milk Bottle Adventures

During our lunch period, a friend of mine will buy food and -naturally- gets a bottle of milk with it. But, as he doesn't care much for milk, he gives it to me. Milk: *For strong, healthy bones! (*Excludes those with arthritis)
Recently they changed the design of the cap: Instead of pulling a little tap and the top popping off, you have to twist the cap off. When the country decided to allow students of all different abilities to be educated together, I think they didn't get the memo that milks with caps that are hard to take off are a big no-no.
The first time this ever happened I kind of just sat and stared at the bottle as if it would open itself if I stared long enough. Then I spent a minute or two clutching a cold bottle painfully and trying to twist the cap with the other hand. It took a while but I did do it.
The second day I thought it would be really hard but I successed in one, painful turn.
The third day I got too confident and hurt my hand trying to twist it in one turn again. What ended up happening is that boy two friends staring at me trying to open the bottle like an idiot. Though they both offered to open it, I did it myself: It's important that I am able to do necessary things like life.
So ends the milk bottle adventures, or at least for now.


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