They Get It, Mostly.

Last night as I talked with some mates through a webcam, I was on this website for people who are 'chronically ill.' I cringe at that phrase. Chronic = very serious and long lasting. Illness = I'm sick. And I know I have a chronic disease: I know that I'm sick and probably will be for a very long time.
But anyway, some of the things I came across on this website was really funny. Suggestions that people who are ill get that are simply  hilarious. What medical words really mean, or at least to us. It's a huge relief to know there are more people just like you. But what I laughed at, sometimes my friends didn't when I read it off. I know they wouldn't get all of it so I didn't read all of it to them, just things that I forget people don't understand. Like when people tell you that you take too many medicines and they're making you sick. They don't know.
When I know I'm going to the hospital, I'll tell my friends I'm going to be absent on said day. They look and go "Oh you're going to visit Marc?" And I smile and say "You know me too well." Dr. Marc actually has his own fan club he's not aware of. Most of my friends ask if they can come. I would if I could.
I constantly say I want to bring my friends when I get my blood test. Not to creep them out with needles or show off that I don't flinch, I just want them to stand and watch as I talk with the nurses as if we've been friends forever, though I do know them pretty well because I've been going to the same place to get my blood drawn for about three or four years. The funny part about that is that I almost wrote 'I've been going there about two years.' Time really flies by.
Anyway, it's funny how much they understand for not being sick themselves. I know that it's due to me telling them this stuff, but really when they say something understanding without you reminding them it's so wonderful. Like when I was saying to my friend  that one of my rings fits loose some days and perfectly others, he said "It's probably due to the arthritis causing your knuckles to swell."


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