Well, That's Not Good.

Imagine this: You're in your bed, all nice and warm in your favourite pyjamas. The lights are dimmed just the way you like it and it's  been a long day, and you're ready to fall asleep. You're in your favourite sleeping position and you know just one little stretch will make everything perfect. You go to flex your ankles when all of a sudden CRAMP. Your muscles are tense and pulling your feet, ankles and calf in an uncomfortable position. If you stay still, it hurts but if you move it hurts even worse. So you opt to just lie there still, maybe rubbing your muscles to stop the painful spasms.
No, this was not me in my bed last night. This was me all day in school today, somewhat. While I did not actually have cramps, I had that pain all day. Nothing made it feel better what so ever and I'm lucky I had art all day so I could relax a bit. 
I've had that pain before but today it seemed to go out of hand. In a way, I really miss my Methotrexate... Nah, I still don't like it enough.
Anyway on a lighter note, it's the birthday of one of my very good friends today and in school we had a grand time having a little celebration for him. At the moment, all my friends (who are in the same year) and I are all the same age except one, which we all enjoy because we get to tease the youngest a little. All in good fun of course. :)


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