Most people like  to hide things about themselves away. I, on the other hand, generally enjoy people's quirks. I myself harbour several nerdy little obsessions and such. I enjoy that a few of my friends like to watch a cartoon that most people would raise an eyebrow at. And I like that my friend wears a Sonic Screwdriver necklace. I shall now share with you, my top nerdiest quirks:
1.) I read the daily comics everyday. Not things like Donald Duck but little known comics because I like supporting the 'little man' because I know that might be me one day.
2.) I can play the entire song 'Hedwigs Theme' (The song associated with Harry Potter) on my guitar by heart.
3.) I have a huge list of people I want to meet one day, ranging anywhere from people on Youtube to famous actors who were in black and white films.
4.) I whistle at random times and places: Sometimes little tunes and sometimes full blown songs.
5.) I draw clothes from the Edwardian period to about the 1970's, especially children's clothing because generally speaking children's clothes have always been a bit more interesting than adults.
So I shared some of mine: What are yours?


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