Back Braces and Flat Feet

I've never had braces or splints before. But there's always a first time for everything.

To put it bluntly I may need a back brace. My spine is somewhat curving due to the arthritis, so a back brace may help. I won't know if this is the case for about three months. It's taking so long because we're going to try correcting this problem from the start- of me, anyway. I'll be trying orthopaedic arches in my shoes for a while, to see if that's what is causing the curving as well as some of the pain I experience. Due to being flat footed as well as having knock knees, I may be in more pain than Arthur is actually giving me.

However, if that doesn't help my back I will be getting a back brace. It isn't actually a traditional brace, it's more of a wrap around my tummy. The doctor told me its mostly for when I need stability when lifting heavy things (or in general) and for when I'm in pain. It doesn't sound too bad: since it's a wrap I'll be looking extra fit :) . 


  1. Good luck, Elizabeth! I use wrist splints/braces, but that's it.

    My spine is also curved (from scoliosis, not the RA). It's not too bad, but I may have to use a brace at some point.

    1. Thanks Ena :)

      That stinks. I had some friends who had to wear braces for scoliosis but thankfully they don't have to anymore because its correct now.


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