Illustrating Pain

It's a fact that I go to school for art. I was always artistic from a young age, but once I started school I got to experiment with more mediums than I had before. One of the greatest mediums is the computer. When I first started, to practice on the computer we did 'Scan Drawings.' That's when you drew something and then put it on the computer to design. One of my first scan drawings was one done to try and express what kind of pain I felt at that moment. That was my first offical "Illustrate Our Pain." And it looks like this:
It sure isn't pretty, the bone showing isn't pleasent either. But it was how I felt that day.
I've created a new page for Illustrate Our Pain. Now, if anyone wants to submit any work for the page through email, I'll display it with among the work of others. All are welcome!




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