It's No Big Deal

Recently whilst on YouTube, I came across several videos that are supposed to help children cope with going into hospital and getting tests. They are usually live action and consist of the three phrases 'It's no big deal,' 'it might hurt a little,' and 'great job!' These aren't new to me because when I was younger, I would watch them if I needed a test or something. Actually, I still watch them now if I need a test I'm not firmiliar with.

Anyhow, one film refered to all the children who got a needle as 'super patients.' So since I give myself shots twice a week, am I an 'extra super patient?' Joking aside, it was nice to see how nurses helped children find coping techniques when they were getting needles and such. I like how holding the child down whilst they cry and try to kick is no longer the only thing we can do for the nervous child- or adult.

I've seen videos of kids having Methotrexate or Enbrel injected by their parents or even themselves as well as adults. I've also seen other people with chronic illnesses get MRIs and such. They tended to be calm and may have their own coping techniques. Eventually, habits and routine help us deal with 'big deals.' Whilst it might not make it less painful, it helps to make it easier. Maybe bringing pyjamas from home makes an MRI easier. Perhaps watching television whilst taking Humira helps. It's good for eveyone to avoid stress if we can. If we all could be more comfortable with medicine, maybe it could mean more healthy people in the world. Well, maybe not in my case but it would make hospitals seem less like prisons for a lot.


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