Draw My Life

A recent trend around YouTube has been to do something called "Draw My Life," which is when people draw... Well, their life. The drawings are usually little stick figures and such, which is great because it helps you focus a little bit more on the story. Whilst people draw, they tell you their story. What amazes me is that people are very Open with their stories and you find most people have had more challenges than what you'd imagine. I love watching "Draw My Life" videos because I like learning more about other people and finding that we often have the same experiences that we wouldn't know otherwise.

Whilst I think it would be cool to do a Draw My Life video too, I have already done this in my blog. So, I drew a quick sketch of my life right now: A coffee, some art, one blog and lots of great people I've met through it. :)

Just a quick sketch.


  1. So while trying to reply to a comment, I accidentally deleted it....

    Arianna: You're an amazing artist, Elizabeth! And I spot RA guy in the background of the picture :p

    Me: Thank you :) I'm a huge RA Guy fan and I had to include him!
    Arthur: *deletes comment to make life hard.

  2. Haha, Arthur's a troublemaker, isn't he?

    And I love RA Guy, he rocks.


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