Caring for the Individual

It's not uncommon to hear others say 'I want to help people,' but that always made me wonder when the individual is cared for. Does it only matter when a whole population of people are hurt by an event or had their lives dramatically changed- not an individual? When do we rebuild not just the people, but the person? Why doesn't it matter when a person is hurt by an event or had their lives flipped upside down? Because it doesn't affect everyone?

No. Because it happens every single day. Maybe at one time these things did affect everyone but presently since it happens so often, we're used to it. We've been built up to so much than one casualty is no longer a big deal: It cannot penetrate our shield. People go on and live their lives with the strength we've built to move on. Meanwhile, an individual is trying to pick up the pieces and wearing a mask that protects everyone from their emotions and stories as if censoring their lives.

But of course, the word 'everyone' is general. It really doesn't matter to a person who doesn't know you and will never encounter you if you've had your life flipped. It should matter to the people who we are close to. And what's worse than having your life flipped, is having it shattered more by a loved one who doesn't care.

When I was diagnosed with arthritis, my life fell apart. I spent a very long time putting the broken pieces back together. Even though it's not perfectly put together- I love it as it's my own. And yet, Every time I hear "It's just arthritis- it's not a big deal," it crumbles just a tiny bit.

Of course it's not a big deal.
For them.


  1. Very true. I've heard "It's just arthritis" more times than I can count.

    When people say that, to me it basically means, "It's just arthritis, therefore I don't care, I think you're exaggerating, and you need to suck it up and move on."

    I would never tell someone, "It's just cancer," or "It was just a heart attack."

    So why do people get away with saying it's "just" arthritis? Sad.

    1. If only they knew what it's really like- if it were them. I'm sure it wouldn't just be 'just arthritis' then!


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