Medicine is like Shoes

Yesterday I was talking with a friend who was trying Methotrexate for the first time. She told me how tired it made her feel and how it hurt. We both agreed that it would probably take a while for her to adjust to it. That's when I said, "The thing about medicines is that they are like shoes: they're painful to wear until you break them in."

It's true in some cases. Sometimes a medicine will cause very ongoing side effects. Other times, they'll gradually (or even rapidly) lessen or even disappear. I went through about three weeks of horrid side effects with Enbrel before they began to go away. Like a good pair of shoes, Enbrel hurt for a minute but then became very comfortable and worked for my benefit. And in my life, I've tried too many 'ill fitting shoes.'

And, like shoes, medicines are necessary. Sure, we could definitely walk around without shoes but it would be rather painful on sharp rocks or slippery on some floors. Many shops and places will not let you go in if you do not have shoes. Maybe we don't need them for survival, but shoes are definitely a great tool we have that enhance life quite a lot. Just like medicines- or braces, wheelchairs or any other equipment for that matter-they help many of us live life as full as we can. We could stay home all the time- it is possible- but if opportunity awaits, why let it pass?


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