Dancing Arthritis Away

Last night I went out and did something I haven't done in a very long time- I went dancing. I know, it's an insane thing to do! Especially because I haven't been feeling that well all week. But I went out and did it anyway. And it was amazing.

I had a great night and was really sore. But after about three cups of coffee, I was okay. And this morning aside from some stiffness, soreness, and some nausea I am absolutely fine. I'm shocked! My back and hips were killing me all week and then Friday it was like it all vanished. If there is one thing I will never understand, it is arthritis.

It has been said numerous times but I cannot emphasise how when you have arthritis, there are days you are miserably ill and others you are on top of the world! This disease is very confusing, especially when you can barely move on Thursday but can go out dancing on Friday night. It can be frustrating when one day you can do something but the next day you can't. It's upsetting when you can't go do something you really looked forward to doing. I know I'm restating things that have been said a lot in the past but it truly is a physical, mental and emotional roller coaster.

And yes, I realise that I did not make a wise choice. And I'm not even going to attempt to justify it. I know I've preached in the past not to do things that are potentially harmful to your health and I kind of did the opposite. I am a hypocrit. A young, arthritic hypocrit who wasn't strong enough to cancel plans. Isn't that life though?

And yes, I did look like a robot having a seizure. And I couldn't have been happier.


  1. I'm glad you had fun, Elizabeth! And I wouldn't say it was an unwise decision. For our mental and emotional well-being, sometimes we have to get out of the house and do fun things (even if that means it causes us pain later on) :)

    1. Thanks Arianna! You're right: I really needed to go out and have fun. It's true: sometimes we have to go out in order to take care of ourselves mentally.


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