The Pain of Psoriais

Skin psoriasis. Nobody wants it, but some of us get it. And some may be thinking, "Psoriasis? So what? It's just an itchy elbow." But anyone who has it knows that's not the case. Unfortunately even when diseases are very visable, they are still considered to be 'not a big deal.' I can't understand why it would be thought as not a big deal, but the reality is is that psoriasis is a chronic disease which can cause a lot of pain, embarassement and emotional stress. And far too many people don't see it.

I do not have skin psoriasis. I am very lucky I do not have skin psoriasis. I am very thankful I do not have skin psoriasis. However, my psoriatic arthritis had to come from someone and that someone is my mum. My wonderful mum has psoriasis and there is not a day that passes where I wish I could take that away. This was not a life long problem- she got it when I was ten years old during a very stressful time. Regardless, it's a horrible thing to live with. It's not only itchy, but it's very painful. It's painful to live with. Sometimes, even when one does build up the confidence to wear clothes that reveal their psoriasis, it leads to more pain when someone just doesn't understand. I've heard of people with psoriasis being kicked out of pools, hair dressers and other places, or even being mocked.

Psoriasis is so misunderstood. It's not contagious. It's autoimmune. Where as a person's skin goes through cycles of a month, psoriatic skin goes through this cycle in four days. It's very serious and can take over one's life if not treated. And it's just painful. There are no other words I can see fit to sum it up in one word other than painful.


  1. I think you're doing a great job of spreading awareness for psoriasis, Elizabeth! I'm sorry your mother has to deal with the pain it brings, but I'm sure she's just as strong as her amazing daughter ;)


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