"Did You Know You Can Cure Arthritis with..."

I stand at a family gathering, watching the events around me. I had been sitting all day and just needed to stand for a minute. Also, I had a bit too much chocolate cake and hopped standing would help my over filled stomach. That's when my auntie came over to me.

"You shouldn't be standing: it's bad for your back." She means well.

"I've been sitting all day, I really need to stretch." I didn't feel like adding the bit about stuffing myself with cake. I began to ponder the reason standing would be bad for my back when she began to speak again.

"You know, the other day I read about a remedy that works wonderfully for people with chronic arthritis..." I could feel the corners of my mouth move up. Not into a grin, but into a smirk. The kind of smirk that appeared when my mum asked me if I liked a red and white striped blouse and I began to sing 'The Candy Man Can.' I tried to get myself to stop, but I couldn't help it. She explained all about how honey is wonderful for ones immune system and many people have found benefit in it.

"Mum, she doesn't need to hear it," my cousin broke in.

"Yes she does!," my auntie protested, "she could cure her chronic arthritis with this!"

I began to wonder if she knew she would be the subject of a blog post. I let her explain all about honey and its magical benefits. Then I thanked her, said Id look into it,  and sat down to avoid more 'miracles.'

My aunt is just the one of many people who tell me all about arthritis cures. And she is one of millions out there who have ever informed another on miracle treatments. And I am one of a million who have heard it all. And I laugh because they just don't know and they think they're helping so much- sort of like a child. Now, do not misunderstand, I do appreciate the thought and I understand that they would not be giving me recommendations if they did not care. I honestly do appreciate it. But I also wish they understood it's so much more than a spoon of honey, a handful of cherries or a berry flavoured drink can cure. I'd like to think it's as simple as that, but it's not. I wish they could see  the severity and knew how complicated it is. But they don't. And maybe it's my fault since I don't tell them everything, but even when I do I feel like I'm speaking to deaf ears. It takes two to communicate after all.


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