Pain in the Neck

I had a cold the past week and I'm ninety nine per cent sure it has settled in my neck. Currently I cannot turn my head, look up, tilt my head or move. It's extremely painful and I can feel the tension in my neck. It's been this way for about three and a half days now. Not exactly a good time right now. I had called the hospital yesterday asking to speak with one of the rheumatologists but they never got back to me and the doctor I saw Thursday about my neck (and cold symptoms) gave me antibiotics in case I had a virus and told me my neck should get better- that I probably slept wrong. Yesterday I spent the day in pyjamas and relaxing. When I woke up today in the wee hours of the night in pain, I decided I would relax again today. But after a few hours, I decided enough was enough.

I got dressed, did some washing up and I'm getting work done. I had the day to myself anyway, so it's not as if I'm actually missing out on something. If my neck isn't going to get better on its own, I'm forcing it to. It's not my problem if my neck won't cooperate at the moment. And it's not as if I'm trying to balance on my head: just some gentle stretching. But I think that the thought that I am up and dressed should help me think myself healthy, or at least better.

But another reason I'm doing so is because I'm afraid of Arthur becoming a pain in the neck. I'm so afraid that this is the start of arthritis in my neck. I'm hoping it's not and I'm somewhat sure it is not, but weirder things have happened. Arthritis is such a devastating disease, especially when you're freshly diagnosed but also when it takes over another part of your life. And even when you think you're used to the disappointment, you're honestly not: it's like getting hit with a ton of bricks every time. And you feel that way too.


  1. I'm sorry it's still hurting so badly :/ I hope it's just the cold and not arthritis. Our dear friend, Arthur, has taken over my neck. He's so thoughtful, isn't it? NOT. lol. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Me too :( he's so inconsiderate. I didn't realise how important my neck is until now. Thanks!

  2. Very true words. I really hope it is just temporary pain and that it goes away soon. :(

    Also, thanks for letting me reference one of your posts, I mentioned it today. :)

    1. Thankfully it was temporary! My neck is back to normal :)

      No problem! Your post is excellent! :)

  3. Aw thank you! And I am sooo glad the pain was temporary and your neck is better! :)


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