Things Healthy People Ask Me

I'm most likely correct when I say people with arthritis or any other chronic illness has probably heard one of these before. And being the very sarcastic teenager I am, I always have a great responce. :)

"Autoim- what? Is it contagious?!"

Autoimmune arthritis means that my own body is the cause of my arthritis. There are very many types of autoimmune diseases  out there, and most of them are chronic. And no, it's not contagious... sometimes I like letting people think that for a moment though.

"Arthritis? Do you have hip replacements?"

No.. I don't have hips of steal. Unfortunately, since most people associate arthritis as an old person's disease it is just expected that all of us have titanium joints.

"If it hurts so much, why don't you use a wheelchair?"

If you're not in pain at all, why aren't you moving all the time?

"Why don't you take the medicine I saw on television?"

Because it's not actually a miracle they say it is. Didn't your mum teach you not to believe everything you see on television?

"Arthritis?! But you're so young!"

Yes! I do have it! And don't tell me otherwise! (I have had people try to tell me I don't have arthritis.)

"Did you know that it might be the medicines causing all your problems?"

Really? I just took medicine because they look like candies!

"Does it hurt?"

No. I'm limping for fun.

"My cousin has arthritis and she can run around, so why can't you?"

Because I'm not your cousin.

"Why do you make it out to be so important? Having arthritis isn't a big deal."

Of course my arthritis isn't a big deal to you! How about we turn the tables and see how you feel?


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