Encouragment for Arthritis

A letter to Tom, a friend who is going through a hard time with his arthritis. Also, to anyone who needs it too.

Dear Tom,

Never let arthritis quiet you down. Be loud. Be proud. Be the person you've dreamt of being. A diagnosis defines the way your body works- not the person it contains. A mind is a beautiful thing: Never waste it. Even when your body can't seem to work right, build your mind and you'll go farther than you would ever believe. I know feeling broken can break you, but know that there is always a rainbow after a storm.

It's hard to believe it at times, but there is so much hope. You never know what may work. There will be days when you are on top of the world. And sometimes nothing will be accomplished, but does it matter all that much so long as you tried?

Don't let it stop you. Keep going on. Never let arthritis get in the way of your visions, your ideas and passions. Pain will never be stronger than your creative eye Tom, and the strength of your vision will carry weak joints. Tell us your stories; the world is waiting for those films you make.

Your Biggest Fan,

Not bad for a person who can't draw cameras.


  1. Really, really love this post! May I please reference this on my site?


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