The Unspeakable

I did something that's unspeakable. It's the worse thing in the world to do. And even though everyone in the world tells you not to- that it's not worth it under any consequence- I just had to. I know I shouldn't have but I wanted to see what it was like. If I told anyone, especially the doctor, I'll never be trusted again.

That's right- I tried Googling my disease... Oh the shame. Now I'm just so depressed and have the idea I'll never get better swimming about in my head, or at least that's what the doctor said would happen. Okay, no more of that. What I did find out is quite a few things that I didn't know and explains quite a lot!

Such as, did you know juvenile psoriatic arthritis is a rare form of juvenile arthritis? It only accounts for about ten per cent of cases, where as rheumatoid accounts for about seventy five per cent. I feel somewhat special now.

Also, it tends to take years to diagnose since it tends to be very similar to rheumatoid, but doesn't show up in blood work. Unless you have psoriasis and sausage like fingers and toes (a common sign of psoriatic arthritis) it's likely it'll take years to diagnose as well as a very clever doctor.

And my favourite fact! "It's a very mild arthritis." Really? I didn't know that! Here I was, stumbling on stairs, not being able to move some days and giving myself shots twice a week and its only a mild arthritis. I'll be sure to let Arthur know he's only a mild arthritis. He's not aware right now- he thinks he's way more serious than he really is.


  1. Oh dear! I can imagine the scary stuff you have found. Don't worry about it - your positive attitude is going to make sure you are always fine in life no matter what!

    P.S. "mild" arthritis?! -_-

    1. I think the scariest thing I found was 'mild arthritis,' in all honesty! Haha :)


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