Arthritis ABC's

A is for Arthur, who's full name is Juvenile Psoriatic Arthritis.

B is for Biolgoic, of which is what I take.

C is for Crash, which is what happens when I over do it.

D is for DMARD, which a lot of people take.

E is for Elizabeth, who enjoys writing her arthritis adventures for all to read.

F is for Flare, of which Arthritis does sometimes.

G is for Gentle, because that's how I treat my body.

H is for Hospital, where I often am for Rheumatology and other fun.

I is for Ice, because sometimes the cold helps.

J is for Joints, that are often in pain.

K is for Kind, as the people I meet through my blog.

L is for Listen, so others can learn and spread word that we need a cure.

M is for Methotrexate, who's name, relief and side effects are famous in the world of Arthritis.

N is for NSAID, which dulls the pain sometimes.

O is for Options, that we have because of growing research and scientific discoveries.

P is for Paediatric, so we remember Children get Arthritis too.

Q is for Quiet, which is bliss after a long, painful day.

R is for Rest, that I never feel like I get enough of.

S is for Stiffness, that plagues me in the morning and the nights.

T is for Try, because even when unsuccessful, trying is what counts.

U is for Undiagnosed, which a lot of us go through for years before an answer.

V is for Vent, because we all need to sometimes.

W is for Waiting; Waiting for medicines to kick in, doctors to be on time, and for more options.

X is for X-Ray, because who's never gotten one of those?

Y is for Youthful, which our bodies might not feel, but our hearts and minds remain with good spirit.

Z is for Zzz, because fatigue can get the best of us sometimes.


  1. Have just found your blog through Arthritis Care. Well done for being positive. Having nursed my husband with psoriatic arthritis for nearly 14 years I know how easy it is for the pain to take control and win. It must be even more difficult to accept when you are young and have your whole life ahead of you. I feel cheated and I am only the carer!

    1. Hello!
      I'm sorry you and your husband has had to deal with the pain of having and caring for psoriatic arthritis: I can only imagine it has been a struggle.
      It is a bit hard to accept as a young person, but I try and stick to the positives. I've found negativity isn't much fun. :)

  2. Hi Elizabeth!

    My name is Kenzie! I'm 17 years old and was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis at age 15. I've had symptoms for as long as I can remember, though, so I can definitely relate to what you said for "U."

    I also blog! Over at :) It's a mix of things, but I do talk about my arthritis from time to time.

    I just wanted to leave you a comment and let you know that you're in my prayers. I have no doubt that you are a tough girl and I know that God will use this awful disease in your life in a BEAUTIFUL way!

    Lots of love... And tons of gentle hugs. :) xoxo


    1. Hi Kenzie!

      It's an unfortunate thing to be able to relate to, but it's great not to be alone. :)

      I really like your blog!

      Thank you :) He has a way of making things work out beautiful, and I know He has a wonderful path for you.


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