"You Were in Hospital Again"

As I wrote about yesterday, I had an interview for school. What was more interesting, however, is what happened after it. Let's back track a little.

It's now a few hours after school ended and I'm walking from my interview to my extra class, despite it ending in about twenty minutes anyway. I'm very much dressed up and didn't want to take the five minutes to change clothes. I'm exhausted, in a lot of pain and also relieved at the same time. I walk into my class and the first thing I hear is "You owe me an explanation!!" Normally, I would expect this from a teacher. But this was shouted across the room by a friend of mine, and I couldn't figure out what in the world he was talking about. Actually, I felt like I was in trouble.

Fast forward to today, I finally get to talk with my friend. When I asked him what explanation did I owe, he said he figured it out: "You were in hospital again because you got sick." I explained to him what did happen, and also asked him "Why would I go back for class if I was in the hospital? Also, I would I be dressed formally?" And I asked myself, if he thought I was in the hospital, why didn't he call to make sure I was okay?

I really don't know what to think about this or how to feel. I'm kind of insulted: Not so much that he  thought I was seriously ill, but that he didn't 'check in' on me. I always did while he was being diagnosed by a long term illness (not chronic), for every test and doctor's visit. Perhaps it's nice that he assumed the only way I would not attend class is if I was seriously ill?


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