If Doctors Could See Pain

I haven't had a flare up since I was about eight, so rest assure that was a long time ago. It was also my only flare. I was in hospital for about 8 days due to it, but it was actually about two months long. At its peak, I had such a high fever I hallucinated a couple times. I actually didn't get diagnosed until a few  years later. I am very lucky, and I am grateful for that every single day

Paediatric chronic pain, as well as adult pain, seems to be dismissed faster and takes longer to diagnose. Sometimes I wonder if doctors just think children are crying for attention or that parents are exaggerating or looking for attention.

I know that a lot of people only believe in what they see and if there is proof. For doctors, it's no different. But sometimes I wonder if they have clouded vision when something such as pain is blatantly present.


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