Hand Pain for Me

My hips hurt a lot today. My back hurts a lot today. My knees hurt a lot today. But the worse part is, my hands hurt a lot today.

And I don't have arthritis of my hand.

No, this isn't random pain. Today I was trying to finish a coloured pencil illustration. Rather than taking my time and using nice layers that would smooth over, I rushed (I didn't have much time to complete it) and grinded my coloured pencils into the paper. In just a few minutes (if not less), my hand hurt terribly. It hurt to touch something, hold something, move my hand, or even just keeping it still. It was bad and still is kind of bad.

I always felt 'out of the loop' with adults and children with arthritis because most of those I've met have hand pain. I now symapthasis with them. Not completely, I admit not even half complete, but I can now understand that hand pain is the worse pain. You don't realise how much you need your hands until they hurt too much to use. I can't even imagine what you go through.


  1. Aw, I'm sorry, Elizabeth! That sucks. My hands were the first joints arthritis attacked, so I'm very used to the pain. Now (two years later) I have pain in every joint, but for me, hand pain is one of the easiest ones to deal with. Maybe just because they were the first to get arthritis and I don't even notice a lot of the pain anymore? I don't know. For me, hip pain is the worst. Ugh.

    Hope your hand feels better soon (am I reading correctly that you just sprained it from drawing?)!

    1. That's like me with my hips: my hips were always affected so I'm better at dealing with it.

      It's much better now that I got to rest. Spraining my hand drawing would make for a hilarious story for my art class :D


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