Arthritis for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

For all those couples out there, I hope you had a happy day. To all those who are single, I hope you had a happy day. For all of those who aren't really sure if your a 'real' couple yet, I still hope you had a happy day.

I am a single teenager with arthritis. So, this year Arthur was my Valentine.

We dressed up nicely in pink, had heart shaped sandwiches, and pink cupcakes. We also got to work on some art projects, joke with a lot of friends, and even saw some cute boys (I don't know about Arthur, but that always makes my day a little brighter :) ). Arthur was even on his best behaviour, so it was a pretty painless days. Except the pain of a single heart... just kidding! It was kidney pain.
A lot of people who are single walked around miserably today. I think that it's really up to you to make your own time: No one can force you to be sad or happy, it's really up to you. And anyway, it gets annoying after a while to hear "Happy Forever Alone Day," even when they're just being funny. And if you really feel there is no way to feel happy about Valentines Day, just remember....

All the heart shaped chocolate is going to be half price tomorrow. :)


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