'Can Kids With Arthritis Play Sports?'

It's been a late night with all the art projects, I apologise for the late-ish post.

"Can kids with arthritis play sports?"

This questions stumps many people. And the answer is not really shocking.

Short answer: Yes. Absolutely, kids can play sports.

Long answer: Maybe. It really depends on the kid and the sport.

I know a lot of kids with arthritis. When I say a lot, I mean at least twenty. And I must say, they are probably the toughest lot of kids I know. Some of these kids do horseback riding, swimming, dance, gymnastics and all sorts of fun things. And then there are some who have trouble getting off vans, standing up from a chair and other things.

However, I think that the myth 'kids with arthritis can't do sports' is positively false. Perhaps not all kids with arthritis are able to do sports, but a lucky some certainly can (and take advantage of that blessing).

When people find out I have arthritis, sometimes they say "So that must keep you from doing sports, right?"
That's when I smile and say, "Yes, it does. But that's okay: I'm not a sporty person anyway." :)


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