Would We Know Happiness if We Didn't Know Pain?

I've always heard the saying that "How could we know happiness if we didn't know pain?" I don't think that's exactly true.

When I was about six, whilst I was in school I had one of my favourite books stolen, another book vandalised, a teddy stolen and was constantly humiliated in front of my class by my art teacher. Mostly though, I was ignored by the others. Of course, other things happened too but I just wanted to put down some favourites from that year.

I had my happy moments as well, as all children do. They probably were more happy because of all the things that happened to me. But I think I still would've been happy even if Teddy didn't get stolen and if I ever got to finish Winnie the Pooh.

However, in the case of arthritis, the saying is extremely true. You don't know the joy of being capable of walking a mile easily until that mile becomes a painful challenge that is practically impossible. You don't know the satisfaction of being able to finish a coloured pencil portrait until your hands are too painful to properly grip the pencil. The relief a medicine gives might feel like Heaven after a battle with side effects from introducing it.

I guess most things in life 'Just Depend.'


  1. Very true :) Sometimes, I kinda feel like saying, "I get the point! You can stop with the pain now." Haha. But it does make you appreciate things that you never even noticed before. These are my "victory dance" accomplishments now:

    -Climbing a flight of stairs.
    -When my arms work enough so I can hold my niece :)
    -Taking a short walk.
    -Getting up before noon.
    -Eating a meal without too much difficulty (forks are hard for me).
    -Having the mental energy to write.

    I always celebrate when I can accomplish the things on that list, even if they don't happen very often.

    1. It really does.
      Is being able to accomplish the victory dance part of the list as well? :D

    2. Hah! Well, that's why I put it in quotations. Sometimes my victory dance is just doing a little fist pump in the air ;)


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