Being Used To Pain and Other Misconceptions.

I think there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to chronic pain. Such as the misconception that 'being used to pain' is the same thing as 'not feeling pain.'

I don't think people realise that being used to pain doesn't actually mean you don't feel it anymore. It just means that feeling pain is not out of the ordinary. The truth is I feel pain almost all the time, and though I am used to feeling it, it does not mean it's any less uncomfortable. Though it's true I might have a higher pain threshold, I do feel pain. And I do cry when it's really bad.

Also, I'm one of those people who really like to laugh and smile. This is not because I'm being a trooper through my pain. This is because I like to laugh and smile. I could just as easily complain. I just don't.

And another misconception is that kids will grow out of whatever they have. This is the case for a lot but not for all. I have a friend who is about twenty with juvenile arthritis. Yes, juvenile: If it started before the age of sixteen, it will always be juvenile arthritis.

I don't even want to bring up the misconception that the medicine they saw on television will cure it, just like the actor said.


  1. Ah, I can SO relate. When I say I'm used to being in pain, people are like, "Oh, that's so great!" And I'm thinking to myself, not really! Like you said, being used to pain doesn't mean I can't feel it :) I don't think anyone should have to get used to pain whether you're 1 or 100 years old. We need a cure!

    1. I hate when people say things like that!
      It's true: Nobody should even have to be used to feeling pain, regardless of age!

  2. I agree, it is horrible when people say that. I sometimes think : 'if only you were me for a day, then you would understand!

    1. Sometimes I really wish there were a way to show people, and help them understand.


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