Arthritis Procrastination

I am a procrastinator. If procrastination was an Olympic sport, I would get bronze, silver and gold every year running. I leave a lot of assignments to the week before they're due, and sometimes closer to their due date.

You see, I procrastinate for a lot of reasons. The biggest reasons is arthritis, especially when it comes to art projects. And this is my Procrastination Reason List:

1.) I have an 'art studio' in my own house, however since it's on a different level, I have a hard time getting there sometimes.

2.) There are times when I really can't focus because of how uncomfortable I feel.

3.) Arthritis fatigue. Enough said.

4.) I will not preform well with stiff joints: Whatever I may be working on will most likely come out 'all wrong' and cause more frustration in the mean time.

And, naturally, there are times I wait until the last moment to do a project just because I don't want to do it. But, mostly it's my arthritis reasons. And by no way are these excuses: I take full responsibility for my projects and always get them done on time and with quality work and effort.

I think a person can hold off as long as they need (or even want, in some cases) as long as the quality of their work is good. Anyway, I find I work  very well under pressure, so I am able to procrastinate and complete an excellent work.

Does arthritis 'force' you to procrastinate?

PS: As I write this, I have two projects to get done by Monday and at least three that need to be done in two weeks. ;)


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