Doctors Say the Darndest Things

I'm in a bit of a creative mood at the moment (though obviously not creative enought to create my own title). Today, as I sit and watch a medical series on television, it occured to me that the things doctors say make for some great entertainment.

Just like what I'm watching: A man was brought into hospital but refused treatment. The doctor spent a long time trying to convince him that he needed immediate treatment, but the man refused. Walking away, the man collapsed and as the nurses were putting him on a gurney, the doctor said "You're all mine now."

"You're all mine now." That sounds more like a mad scientist than a doctor. I think I would've been horrified if I were that man.

Things ever said to me include (but are not limited to):
  • "You better make sure the Methotrexate starts working soon." (I'll be sure to let my immune system know.)
  • "Nothing appears to be wrong." (Oh really?)
  • "I don't believe the side effects are that bad." (You try living it.)
  • "Are you feeling any pain?" (Are you kidding me?!)
By the way, I don't see any of these doctors any more. Actually, all but one was said by the same doctor in the course of the year and a half I saw him reguarly. He got fired. Shocker.


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