Medicine That I Hate

Medicine has come a long way since it's very humble beginnings. I'd like to thank the people who invented life saving procedures and equipments. However, I have a message for the people who invented hospital gowns, Foley catheters, plasters (band aids) that are just TOO sticky, and braces that are extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient: I hate you.

It's surprising how many things in medicine that are supposed to make us feel better, actually make everything feel worse. For example, after being injected with contrast for an MRI, the technician put a plaster over the injection site. After a bit, I decided to take it off. I didn't realise how sticky it was, so when I went the 'get it all over at once' method and just ripped it off.... Well, it looked like I burnt myself! My skin was so red and raw, I probably did take a layer of skin off.

And, who likes the hospital gowns? They open in the back and you never know if you're giving the world a peek. I heard of some hospitals now having ones that snap on the side, which is great but most still have the old fashioned 'is there a draft' gowns. The only thing they're good for are jokes, puns and snide remarks.

If you could get rid or change any piece of medical equipment, test or procedure, what would it be?


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